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Corporate Events

If you are a small business that is looking to grow your business or an established brand wanting to support and congratulate your staff, our espresso catering service may just be the ticket.
Our team knows that it’s all about impressing clients and making employees happy. Event planners, caterers, or folks in marketing or human resources, look no further: Coffee Caboose coffee and espresso catering offers a premium service experience that will motivate, congratulate, celebrate and, of course, caffeinate your guests!
We are here to market for you and your business. We “choreograph” events with strategic catering that allows you to slow down the meeting and get more face-to-face time with the people important to your business. We can play an important part of your sales process during get-togethers, networking events, and appreciation dinners.
Our unique on-cart signage provides you with brand visibility and reminds the guests that your company brought them this perk! Go ahead, take all the credit.
We would be delighted to provide you with references from our many satisfied corporate clients.


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