Wedding Reviews

Our guests loved being able to have coffee drinks, and some visited the coffee bar more than once.
The beverages were great, and we were very pleased with the price of this vendor. In addition, Coffee Caboose gave us two framed copies of our menu, and we were even allowed to choose and name our own drinks!Collin and Jenny

I had the privilege of having Coffee Caboose at our wedding on May 10, 2013, serving our guests with a specialty espresso bar. My husband and I knew we wanted a non-alcoholic wedding, but we still wanted a fun drink to toast with when our friends and family gave speeches. We had so many compliments after the wedding from guests saying how unique and fun the coffee bar was!

Coffee Caboose offered so many flavors, hot and cold drinks, and brought a fun vibe to the wedding. We got to pick several signature drinks that we named ourselves, were give a one-of-a-kind framed menu, and guests could also create their own drinks. We wanted our guests to feel free to mingle and have a great time, and being able to visit the coffee bar was a great fit.

We were beyond pleased with the professionalism of Coffee Caboose and highly recommend them. Such an amazing business!”Amanda C., - Lee University

Corporate Review

This letter is to genuinely thank you for your time, effort, and the passion that you put into The Coffee Caboose. As I reflect back over the past four years that you have come into our office at Merrill Lynch, I really appreciate your enthusiastic, happy, and smiling faces in the morning while you provide high quality gourmet coffee and tea.

The Coffee Caboose at my last client event was a phenomenal hit. My clients are still raving about the breakfast essentials that you provided. I am raving at the high level of service and attention to detail that you always provide. You have a wonderful business and I will continue to recommend The Coffee Caboose to all of my clients, business associates, and friends.Joseph A. Trocchio - Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Education Review

Thank you so much for your wonderful service!
Coffee Caboose was a great experience. The selection was amazing and the service was outstanding! The coffee was delicious and it was so convenient, they even delivered to our classrooms. Coffee Caboose brought a smile to every teacher’s face this morning, we cannot wait to have them back! Again thank you for everything I will pass your name and number around to the other schools.Wright Brothers Elementary
We cannot thank you enough for bringing the coffee bar to our staff today!!! What a wonderful treat for our teachers!!! Their reviews were 5 stars and more!!!
They loved the varieties of drinks you offered: coffees, teas, hot chocolates—something for everyone-even those with milk/special dietary concerns!!! Teachers shared how important the treat made them feel and that your set up and professionalism made them very special! We really appreciate you!!!
Thanks!Stephanie Johnson - Cookson Elementary
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