Q. What sort of electrical requirements do you have?

A. We need 110v-20 amp circuit on separate circuits for each espresso machine used. Within 50 feet of our service location.

Q. Can you handle special dietary needs?

A. Absolutely. Please let us know beforehand if there are any special accommodations you’d like us to make on our menu to make sure EVERYONE in your party has a great time, and can enjoy our service.

Q. Can you setup ANYWHERE?

A. “Anywhere” is pretty general, but yes our service can fit in tight spaces, and in strange places.. That said, we do need details on accessing the service area. If we need to haul our coffee service machines and carts up flights of stairs, we need to know that as the carts are very heavy. We may need to allot extra time to get to your service area as well. We occasionally have been presented with a service area that is simply impossible to get to, but we try our hardest to accommodate every situation. The more information you can provide about the venue.. the better!